Muriwo….Yummy green smoothie. Here’s how…!!

Muriwo has numerous cancer-fighting properties

by Eden Chiuslekuda 

Muriwo is an easy, affordable and accessible vegetable to eat in the fight against cancer.  ”Muriwo’ is a Shona word, describing the varying types of leafy green vegetables accompanied with most meals by the Zimbabwean population.  One of the objectives of the Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust is to raise awareness of how Natural Health can help reduce the risk of cancer, with an emphasis on promoting locally-produced and accessible products for the whole population.

The various types of dark leafy greens are high in a wide variety of nutrients, such as chlorophyll, Vitamins A,C, E, K and many of the B vitamins, minerals especially iron, calcium and magnesium.

There are countless benefits in muriwo which aid in cancer prevention.  Chlorophyll, for example, promotes alkalinity in the body and is generally detoxifying. Many toxins are carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and their safe and gentle removal from the body can help to prevent cancer.  Folate is especially high in muriwo. In addition to promoting heart health and healthy pregnancy (by preventing certain birth defects), folate can be significant in cancer prevention by assisting in DNA duplication and repair.

I realize that the idea of eating raw leafy greens (other than lettuce) is a really unappetizing thought for most of you.  Well have no fear, you can still enjoy the potent anti-cancer benefits of muriwo in a delicious green mango smoothie.  

When the fruit is in season just throw the following ingredients in the blender in the mornings or afternoon for a wholesome cancer fighting meal.  Children and babies love these – so get them started early with the good eating habits.


1 cup of ripe mango flesh

2/3 cup liquid (water, fruit juice or aloe juice, or a mix of the three)

1 extra large leaf of muriwo or 2 smaller leaves of muriwo


Strip the leaf of your muriwo of choice from its stalk and place your leafy greens in a blender with the other ingredients.  Blend until smooth.

Fear not: A smoothie containing muriwo will taste fruity & delicious

You can use any kind of muriwo that you have on hand (rape, rugare, tsunga, spinach, nyevhe even.)  If you are in the diaspora, use kale, turnip and mustard greens, spinach, arugula, kale or collard greens.  You can add more or less fruit, or more or less greens as desired.

The smoothie will taste more like fruit than greens and is a great way of sneaking raw greens into your diet if you are averse to the idea initially.  Eventually you will actually start to crave the raw greens and will start to add more greens and less fruit.

For those of you in the diaspora I recommend that you read Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life – for more information on how green smoothies can boost your overall health in a quick, painless and even enjoyable way.  This inexpensive and accessible smoothie is a power house of nutrition.  Get your green smoothie on today!!

*Eden Chiuslekuda is an ECCT Natural Health Contributor.  Visit her Natural Health & Beauty page, ‘A Corner of Eden’.


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