Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust Melbourne event 11/11/11

The Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust (ECCT) will be hosting an awareness dinner which will introduce the Trust, why it was formed and its objectives on 11 November 2011. It is open to everyone to attend.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death globally.  Although we may think that cancer is a disease that only affects Western nations, it is affecting Africa at an increasing level.  There is an unbreakable link between the ability of a nation to develop and the health of its people.  How can Africa build itself up as a nation, amongst the other battles it faces, without standing up tall and defiant, to prevent and reduce the risk of this disease?

Consider the statistics:

  • 80% of cases occur amongst women in Southern Africa.
  • Breast cancer is the leading cancer affecting African women.
  • Prostate cancer is one of the leading cancers affecting African men.

At the dinner, the Founder will share her personal story on cancer and what led her to form the Trust; information on its objectives and latest campaigns, including “If Someone Could Have Told Her” campaign, which raises awareness of cervical and breast cancer amongst African women, with African women having the highest death rate from the two cancers. The campaign encourages those in Africa and in the Diaspora to pass on the information to female loved ones. Awareness saves lives!

The evening will also feature Guest Speaker, Lani Masuku, Founder of Unlocking Women’s Power.

Venue: Feddish Restaurant, Federation Square, Melbourne 3032

Time: Please arrive at 17.30 to be seated by 18.00. Food and drinks can be ordered individually from the Feddish menu.

We look forward to seeing you there. Please register your attendance here.


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