Keep It Simple Stupid! Weight Loss Tips for 2012

by Eden Chiuslekuda

(ECCT Natural Health Contributor. For more of her natural health & beauty tips, follow her page, ‘A Corner of Eden’ )

We all know that being overweight has multiple negative implications for health.  The World Health Organisation states that over half of cancers can be prevented by combating obesity and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

As we bring in the new year, we would like to share with you a few tips per week to help you achieve or maintain your healthy weight goals.  The one rule that is most overlooked in diet and exercise, the two factors which no person can deny have the most impact on weight loss is the KISS rule.  (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

I promise you once you start making any plan too complicated, you are likely to give up on it as soon as you encounter any logistical or emotional hurdle, and highly unlikely to get back on that horse once you’ve fallen off the first time.

Just take 2 or 3 ideas from our tips over the next few weeks – preferably the ones that seem the easiest and most fun – and stick to them.  You are so much more likely to succeed in reaching or keeping your ideal weight.

Walk 10 000 steps a day

Very few of us walk this much on a regular basis, never mind per day.  However, it is easier than you think.  Instead of asking your friends and relatives in the diaspora for more useless trinkets, clothes, bling etc – try asking for a pedometer.  It records the number of steps a day that you take.  Every night before bed you can then record how much (or how little) you are actually walking so that you can guage how much more activity you realistically need.  Just make a goal of adding an extra 500 steps (about 1 kilometer) until you reach a goal that is feasible for you.  You would be stunned at the huge difference any of the following steps when applied regularly can make to your energy levels, mood, strength, muscle tone and overall weight.

–          Whenever possible, walk to work, the store, the bank, the market, the post office – wherever it is that you have to go.

–          Drive your car as seldom as possible.  Take public transportation or a taxi and get out several blocks before your destination and walk.

–          Arrange business and social meetings that involve walking to restaurants, through parks or whatever creative venues you can imagine.

–          Always, always take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.  (If you must take the escalator, make an effort to climb the steps as it takes you up.  If you can’t take the stairs all the way, climb several floors until you tire, then finish your trip on the elevator.)

–          Ladies, take advantage of the fact that totes are still in and pack a pair of sneakers or comfy walking shoes and a spare tee in your bag at all times.  That way you can freshen up when you arrive, in case you perspire.

–          When watching telly put your remote control away (in another room) and actually get up to change the channel.

–          Make a game of doing several laps around the yard with your kids in the morning before school, or in the evenings before dinner, or both, and get them started on those healthy habits at a young age.

These are all things you can do for free in as little as 30 minutes to 1 hour each day.  Just give up an hour of television watching to make more time.

Looking after our health ensures more scenes like these for future generations

Please remember to stay hydrated and pack a bottle or flask of water in your bag or briefcase to replenish your fluids when walking and throughout the day.

*Pic sources: Learnthat; StephenLeahynet; Voiceonline UK 


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