Weight Loss Tip 4: Change Your Drinking Habits (Part 2)

by Eden Chiuslekuda

(ECCT Natural Health Contributor. For more of her natural health & beauty tips, follow her page, ‘A Corner of Eden’ ).

Alcohol Is Not Your Friend!

There is a reason why the term “beer belly” is a common phrase in almost every language on the planet –   Alcohol causes weight gain.   Do the math.

Fat:                        1 gram = 9 calories 
Protein:               1 gram = 4 calories
Carbohydrates: 1 gram = 4 calories
Alcohol:                1 gram = 7 calories

Yes indeed.  That is not a typo.  There are actually more calories and less nutrition in a glass of wine than there is in a sensible snack or even a small meal.  I realize that many of you reading this will be averse to letting go completely, however I encourage you to start with moderation.  Give up drinking during the week and limit yourself to 2 drinks or less at any “outing” or party over the weekend and holidays.

In addition to the extra weight that creeps up on you over the years from habitual drinking of even one cocktail per day, alcohol resides in an area of life that has terrible neighbours – namely, smoking, excessive eating of salty and fatty snacks to accompany said alcoholic beverages, poor judgment, negative behaviors, bad decision making and some very real adverse health consequences – like permanent damage to your brain, liver and kidneys and it accelerates visible aging.  (Who wants to look older than their years?)  Besides, alcohol also burns up your money.  Need I say more?

(By the way – please do not use the excuse that red wine has antioxidants.  Resveratrol (the relevant antioxidant is just as present and a lot more beneficial when consumed in the form of red grapes or in green tea – or alternatively find a good whole food resveratrol supplement.)

I also realize that many drink with the motivation to combat stress, but truthfully that only works when you are buzzed, once you are sober alcohol actually leads you to feeling more stressed and thus more likely to “need a drink” – and thus begins the vicious cycle.

Your time and money would be better spent finding more productive ways of managing your stress.  Options will be shared in an upcoming KISS blog.

Keep your eyes on the blog for the last tip on changing your drinking habits in a few days…..

*Pic source: Takeitin


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