Weight Loss Tip 5: Friends Help Friends

by Eden Chiuslekuda

(ECCT Natural Health Contributor. For more of her natural health & beauty tips, follow her page, ‘A Corner of Eden’ ).

Trying to lose weight, stay or become healthy can feel like a lonely path when it seems everyone around you is drinking and eating with wild abandon while you count your measly calories and go for long walks on your ownsome.  However, you would be surprised how many of your “carefree” friends are harbouring their own health issues and just are in need of some support and camaraderie – just like you.  So why don’t you ask?  You are so much more likely to stick to your wellness goals when you have a buddy with whom you can share your frustrations, triumphs or just enjoy a good laugh.

Get the Girls or the Guys Together for Brunch

You can even alternate houses so that it isn’t too much for any one person.  Once a week get together and choose a  DVD workout to do together – followed by healthy snacks (eg  fruits and nuts) or beverages (fresh squeezed juices, protein shakes or smoothies.)  You could also go for a walk, run, play tennis, soccer, basketball or swim.  This is something that is fun, free and a positive addition to support your relationships.  It also helps your friendships to be less of a drain on your weight loss goals.

Join A Weight loss club like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig

These organisations exist in some form or another all over the world and have enjoyed decades of success for a reason.  You can also take advantage of all the free resources that the internet age has blessed us with:  there is no end to weight loss groups on yahoo, babycenter, facebook, twitter etc. that you can join, or you can easily start one yourself.  It is a great way to exchange resources, recipes and success strategies with others sharing similar goals.  You may even end up making real life friends in your area.  This is fun and keeps you supported if you are too shy to come out to friends and family about your ambitions.

Keep Your Dial Tuned to Weight Loss Info

Stay focused on your goal and take in a daily shot through media, of information that supports you on your path to healthy weight maintenance.  Subscribe to fitness and health magazines, or cut out appropriate articles that grab your interest and keep a folder of anything that looks interesting to you – even if you don’t have time to read it then.  Refer back to it whenever your motivation is low or if you are bored with your fitness routine, new healthy diet or when you hit a plateau.

Subscribe to health and fitness blogs (err..hmmm…such as this one), podcasts, get weight loss apps for your smart phone, and eBooks for your kindle – especially if you travel a lot for work.

Do whatever it takes to be taking good information in whenever you can.  There is truth to the saying “Garbage in…garbage out.”  You will become whatever it is you spend time on and focus upon.

Allow Friendly Pressure to Keep You Accountable to Your Goals

Tell 2-4 really good friends what your weight loss goal is and make them promise to remind you of it on a regular basis if you seem to be slipping.

Declare it on your facebook status.  The mortification of not meeting your goal will spur you on should you think about giving up.  I personally don’t respond to negative pressure, and prefer gentle but firm and consistent reminders, but for some people it is highly motivating.  Know yourself and do what works for you.

Share fitness goals with trusted friends & you may well be on your way to achieving them in 2012

No man or woman is an island.  Grab your besties, help each other reach and maintain healthy weight in 2012!

*Pic sources: Corbis, Mademenoire


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