Realities of Cancer: ECCT Team Sheds a Tear

So many up’s and down’s – that is the reality of cancer, but it is felt even more so for marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe. In August 2012, we will be publicizing the photos and video of the newly found addition of cancer patients who we will be supporting.

However, last week we received terrible news. One of the patients we were looking to support passed away.

Her name was Yvonne, 28 years old and survived by one ten-year old son, Tapiwa. Yvonne was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kaposi Sarcoma in May 2012. Kaposi Sarcoma is cancer of the lymph nodes and blood vessels, one of the most common occurring cancers in Zimbabwe, as confirmed by the Zimbabwe National Cancer Registry. By the time she was diagnosed, it was of course, far too late. Like many other marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe, Yvonne did not have the financial means to go to the doctor for consistent check-ups. For many the choice of a USD$60 consultation is far beyond imaginable.

Our heart is with Yvonne, her son, Tapiwa and her family as they mourn the loss of yet another victim to cancer in Zimbabwe. ECCT’s support now turns to Yvonne’s daughter and we will use our maximum capacity to assist her.

Already our team has reported of some of the cancer victims living in plastic houses in areas such as Hatcliffe and eating from the rubbish dump sites because they do not have sufficient income to buy food.

As much as our mission is to bring hope to marginalized cancer patients and their families in Zimbabwe, this is another day that we had to stop and shed a tear as we were reminded yet again of the harsh realities of cancer…

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