Shamiso Gets the Global ECCT Ball Rolling

Shamiso, Zimbabwe – another lovely addition to the Global Family of ECCT

On 14 October 2012, people across the world are uniting to walk or run for marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe. Several people from all over Australia are running in the Melbourne Marathon, including ECCT Founder, Teurai Chanakira; Lorraine is walking in Calgary, Canada and now…meet Shamiso Takaendisa, who lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Shamiso is 34 years old and works for an IT company. After seeing a link to the Melbourne Marathon on a friend’s Facebook page, Portia is another young lady who decided to act too. She is pledging to support one cancer patients and their family by collecting food vouchers which they can redeem from supermarkets in exchange for groceries.

On being asked her reasons for becoming a member of the Family of ECCT and participating in such a worthwhile cause, Shamiso says, “I have always wanted to serve those who are less fortunate than I am. I have always been involved in community work, for example, visiting orphans at Mutemwa Leprosy Centre with my family. My heart and passion for others was reignited when I read the Founder’s story of her mother’s journey with cancer and ECCT’s mission. I have friends in Zimbabwe with family members who have lost their lives to cancer and we are reading more about the alarming rates of cancer diagnoses in our local newspapers.”

Shamiso says: ” The challenges being faced by marginalized cancer patients, their families include orphans left behind, expensive treatments, lack of awareness by the wider population and the general high cost of living to afford basics such as the right nutrition. My heart bleeds for everyone who has lost a loved one to this menace of a disease. You need not suffer in silence, together we can ‘be the change we wish to see in the world. My ultimate wish is to see more spread of cancer prevention awareness as the majority of the population do not seem to have access to this until it is too late.”

Shamiso…thank you.

**Keep your eyes posted on our blog as we bring you updates on more members of the Family of ECCT getting active and joining us from across the globe to support marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe.



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