Terance Gets the Global ECCT Ball Rolling

And still there were more….Meet Terance Makoni, who lives in Cairns, Australia and is another one of the members of the growing global ECCT Family. He is running the half marathon (21.1km) with Victoria and other participants in the Melbourne Marathon Festival 2012. Terance is running and asking his network of friends, family and colleagues to sponsor him so that he can raise $600 to feed a family of four with the basics for six months.

Terance says: “I have always been into exercising for several years now. Besides doing various other types of training, I run at least 10km every week, so when I had the opportunity to join a worthy cause such as this, I jumped at it. As someone who works in the Nursing field, I know that nutrition and health are interlinked, particularly for cancer patients who need the right nutrition to have an increased chance of recovery.”

He went on to say, “it’s really hard for me to know that the marginalized Zimbabwean cancer patients which the ECCT are supporting do not have sufficient food and many of them go hungry several days  a week. I am running so that I can help them and their families to have one less thing to worry about.”

Terance…we thank you.

**To view his Mycause page and sponsor him please click here. Keep your eyes posted on our blog as we bring you updates on more members of the Family of ECCT getting active and joining us from across the globe to support marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe.


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