Chipo Gets the Global ECCT Ball Rolling

Meet Chipo….yet another member of the growing global Family of ECCT. Chipo Chinyamurindi is a 25 year old who lives in Harare, Zimbabwe and is a graduate of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. On 14 October 2012 – the same day as Lorraine in Canada, and Australian-based participants in the Melbourne Marathon Festival  – Chipo will be walking with a group of people to support marginalized cancer patients. She is asking family, friends and everyone in her network to sponsor her with supermarket food vouchers for the ECCT cancer patients and their families.

On being asked her reasons for joining the Family of ECCT, she said, “I was deeply touched when one of my friend’s mothers passed away from cancer. One challenge marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe face, is the lack of widespread financial support and inadequate nutrition, which would otherwise aid their recovery. I believe that as a human being put on this earth, God created us to love and care for one another. Thus, I will endeavour to play my part in helping marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe.”

One of the factors which determines the strength of a nation is the health of its people. Chipo says “cancer is the leading cause of deaths in Zimbabwe – yet the treatment alone is very expensive. This causes such a strain on marginalized families and affects their chances of recovery from the disease.”

And if she could change one thing, what would it be? “I think more attention definitely needs to be given to marginalized cancer patients and for the general population to get more informed on the seriousness of cancer in Zimbabwe. I pray that our country will gain more cancer doctors (we have 4 nationwide) and cancer screening machines (we have approximately 5 nationwide).”

This is clearly a young woman with a big heart…Chipo, we thank you.

*Keep your eyes posted on our blog as we bring you updates on more members of the Family of ECCT getting active and joining us from across the globe to support marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe.


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