Tamara Gets the Global ECCT Ball Rolling

Meet Tamara Banda…a 24 year old from Zimbabwe who lives and studies in Melbourne, Australia. She is the latest of one of our global members joining the 10km run in the Melbourne Marathon on 14 October 2012. Tamara is running to provide five cancer patients with medications for three months. She has set herself a target of fundraising $1000.

Tamara has been an athlete from a young age, having participated in several sprint races in Zimbabwe. Besides her love for running, she is doing this because, “marginalized Zimbabwean cancer patients are at a disadvantage, particularly considering the economic difficulties the country is in right now. With inadequate facilities and resources to cater for these patients,doctors and families have a tough time trying to cope. The patients the ECCT is supporting do not have the finances to look after themselves, let alone their families.”

In an inspirational statement she went on to say: “this is when I come in and be that difference in their lives! I have seen the devastating effects of cancer – the impact it has on those who suffer from it and those who are left behind. So, I cannot sit down and pretend nothing is happening to our people. If I have to do something for a worthy cause, then this is it. I am hoping to raise $100 for every km I do. I’m so excited to be a part of this and hope to be a blessing to others. If I can do something, then why shouldn’t it be living for something bigger?!”

Hear hear Tamara! We thank you…

*To view her Mycause page and sponsor her please click here. Keep your eyes posted on our blog as we bring you updates on more members of the Family of ECCT getting active and joining us from across the globe to support marginalized cancer patients in Zimbabwe.



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