ECCT Global Family: Thank You Lorraine!

Lorraine in Canada

Many of you may remember a young lady who we blogged about a few months ago: Zimbabwean-born Lorraine, who is currently based in Calgary, Canada. Lorraine has raised USD$140 and donated it to the ECCT for the welfare of the five marginalized patients who we are supporting through our Sponsor a Cancer Patient campaign, which starts providing full assistance in 2013. The ECCT will be helping the patients and their families with medical costs, school fees for one child per family and basic food hampers (which have already started being donated by Probrands Foods, Zimbabwe).

In speaking to Lorraine about her donation, she said: “I have lost family members to cancer and had a cancer scare myself. At the time, I was already living in Canada and had affordable access to medical treatment. Marginalized cancer patients do not have these opportunities because they cannot afford the medical costs, so I wanted to do something to give back.”

Lorraine raised the $140 by approaching women from her Bible Study group and asking for donations from people from the wider Church community. Lorraine says: “two ladies who I would really like to thank are Barb Mackenzie ( who is also from Zimbabwe ) and Ila Stevens. These women actually made it a point to follow up with me and find out how the fundraising was going. They taught me that if you put God ahead of all of your plans, He will make a way – no matter how big or small . Next year is going to be bigger and better.”

Lorraine’s donation of $140 enables us to provide two doctor’s consults to patients, with each consult costing USD$60.

Lorraine…thank you.


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