Hope Beyond Cancer Evening 2013: Meet Quashani Bahd

On Friday, 11 October 2013 – the five patients the ECCT is supporting and patients associated with the Cancer Association of Botswana will be supported in an inspirational and hope-filled evening to be held at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers in Melbourne, Australia. You may have read our latest blog on the details of the evening here and as we draw nearer to the night – we will be posting features on those deeply involved with the event.

The first of these is Zimbabwean-born, Quashani Bahd (pictured above) – a Melbourne-based singer who will be mesmerising the guests with a performance of two songs. Quashani says, “I coined my signature style and genre of music ‘Regglues’ due to my passion for reggae and adoration for the blues.”

In addition to her musical talent, Quashani is also the Founder and visionary behind The House of BohoChic  founded in 2010 which showcases her bold handmade creations and has a wide offering of stylish accessories – from signature style ear-discs, feather and felt trim rings and tribal chic disc necklaces. However, it is mostly adored for its unique brand of fascinators. In addition to a ready-to-wear collection, House of Bohochic can, on request, produce custom-made pieces to suit individual tastes for women looking to make a bold statement.  Quashani says, “my creations are a medium through which I share the gift of my creative talent to empower young women with a brand that exudes confidence, innovative styling and boldness as they make their individual fashionable statements”.

When asked why she wanted to be a part of the night, Quashani said, “I’m always happy to support good causes and cancer has always been one of them. I particularly believe in the work that the ECCT and the Cancer Association of Botswana are doing because in Africa, the biggest problems marginalized cancer patients face are accessing resources to help them and funding for medical costs.  For the last six years I have hosted the Australian-based Cancer Council’s “Girls Night In” which helps to make a contribution to raise public awareness about good breast health and also raise funds for research for achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer – so it feels great to also be able to help those with cancer in Africa.”

We can’t wait to hear Quashani serenading us at the Hope Beyond Cancer Fundraising Evening next week. In the meantime, here is a video of her performing ‘Mirror Mirror’ to whet your appetite. Also currently in production is her four track EP: Bahd Gyal Rhymes which is due to be released online this Summer 2013/2014.

For the fashionistas her Spring Carnival: Fascinator Collection for 2013 is out now, with a wide range of styles to offer from vintage, tribal, bohemian and elegant chic!

 *Click here to view Quashani’s website.

* Click here to view House of Bohochic website.

*For more info about the Hope Beyond Cancer Fundraising Evening & to buy your ticket, click here now.


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