Hope Beyond Cancer Evening 2013: Wrapped in Beauty Too by MsBadu Art

The beautiful Edem Badu who has donated a stunning art piece for the auction this Friday 11 October 2013. Thank you Edem!

The beautiful Edem Badu who has donated a stunning art piece for the auction this Friday 11 October 2013. Thank you Edem!

This Friday, 11 October 2013 – the five patients the ECCT is supporting and patients connected to the Cancer Association of Botswana will be supported in an inspirational and hope-filled evening to be held at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers in Melbourne, Australia. You may have read our latest blog on the details of the evening here and as we draw nearer to the night – we will be posting features on those deeply involved with the event.

On the night, in addition to music performances, there will also be an auction held. Meet Edem Badu….who is donating a beautiful art piece which she painted titled ‘Wrapped in Beauty Too’ and which is valued at $1250.  Melbourne based Edem says, “my art has been a journey of soul searching for me. I paint artwork based on what is currently going on around me or based on what has inspired me. I really wanted to be a part of the Hope Beyond Cancer Evening because I’ve always been inspired by the ECCT Founder’s story behind starting the Trust – her determination and the strength she has to keep going. I am so inspired by the work the ECCT is doing in assisting those that need it the most. I believe that the help in providing school fees for the cancer patients’ children is an important component because like Nelson Mandela said education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world and I definitely believe that knowledge is key.”

Edem really has a heart for being part of making a difference to the cancer battle. She goes on to say, “unfortunately cancer is so much more common nowadays, and I have had family members and friends suffer from this disease, some who are no longer with us. Words can’t describe how badly I wished there was something I could do to take this sickness away from them. It’s one of the toughest things to watch someone go through, and showering them with love and support always goes a long way.”

'Wrapped in Beauty Too' - a stunning art piece valued at $1250.

‘Wrapped in Beauty Too’ – a stunning art piece valued at $1250.

In terms of the meaning behind the piece that she is donating for the auction, Edem says, “this piece is created on the notion that we are all unique and face different challenges and obstacles in life that unfortunately can impact how we view ourselves or others. So be kind to yourself and to others because they could be facing a battle you know nothing about too. It doesn’t make you or others any less beautiful though. It’s an encouragement to always keep going and to always keep fighting with strength knowing that regardless of what is going on, you are enough and your are beautiful too.”

We asked Edem what she believes is one of the major problems facing marginalized cancer patients in Africa. ” I think it is possibly the lack of emotional and psychological (professional) support and also readily available treatments for sufferers.

And what exciting, upcoming projects do we have to look forward to? “I will definitely be holding my next exhibition in Melbourne soon. I will keep updated posts on my Facebook page closer to the time.

*Contact Edem via her Facebook page here. There are still tickets available for the Hope Beyond Cancer Evening. Please click here to contact the ECCT Team to buy a ticket online or you can also purchase tickets in cash at the door on the night. See you there at 6pm!


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