Imi…Mati Kudii? Muscle Mass & Cancer!



by Eden Chiuslekuda

Well folks, the verdict is out, people with bigger muscles can cut their cancer risk by as much as 50%.  A study published in the esteemed Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention Journal found that men who lifted weights were significantly less likely to succumb to a fatal tumour.

Other studies have shown that muscle mass also positively affects the extent or duration of cancer survival, allowing organisms in a lab to live longer after a bout with cancer.

Previously it was thought that cardiovascular exercise like running, swimming and aerobics were more critical in cancer prevention, but increasingly, weight bearing exercise or resistance training, is gaining more traction as a central piece to the cancer prevention  and recovery  puzzle.

Based on these studies, top researchers are now recommending that both genders engage in some form of weight lifting and or resistance training at least twice a week, in addition to other kind of cardiovascular exercise.


Not to be a nepotist, but the Fitness to a Tee blog, YouTube channel and Facebook page are excellent places to get exercise tips that you can use wherever you are.  You can get great tips showing you how to use common items in your natural environment, so you can’t use the excuse of not having access to fancy equipment.  Fitness To A Tee even has an app now which if you are on online client, you can download onto your mobile device and get affordable programs that you can use for fitness on the go, wherever you may be in the world.  The really swell part of it is that the proceeds from those using the app throughout Africa go directly to ECCT to benefit the cancer patients we support in Zimbabwe.

Have fun at the gym!  Thanks for your continued support of the ECCT blog.  Sharing is caring.  Feel free to spread the word about cancer prevention throughout your networks on Facebook, Twitter and through emails.

*To learn more about what ECCT does visit our website by clicking here now.


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