Tinotenda: ECCT 2016 Year in Review!

Thank you for your donations – 1 of our cancer patients’ mothers receiving her food hamper.

ECCT has had a great year of hard work and doing our best to support the four marginalised cancer patients and/or their families who we assist with food hampers, medical costs and school fees for their children.

In this blog, we summarise the highlights of the year gone by.

Fundraising events

Carlton United Breweries Punters’ Club, May 2015

Marcia, the daughter of 1 of the patients we support (Rejoice) who is now in Grade 6 at Hatcliffe Primary School . This is her in May 2015 holding her latest school fees receipts for the next 2 terms.

In May 2015, we were so grateful for the support received through a donation of AUSD$1000 from the Carlton United Breweries Punters Club in Australia. With this donation we were able to assist the patients and their families tremendously, by paying for 2 school terms for the children we are supporting, along with buying food hampers for each family which will last them for 2 months.

To read the full story click on the link here.


Victoria Falls Marathon, June 2015

Thank you Lorraine (left) and Rutendo (right) for completing your first half marathon + doing it to support the ECCT cancer patients & their families, along with honouring all those Zimbabweans who lost their fight to the disease.

Zimbabwe based Rutendo Mutsamwira and Lorraine Rubaba (pictured above) completed the Half Marathon in the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon on 28 June 2015, in honour of those Zimbabweans who have lost their fight to the disease and also to fundraise for the ECCT patients and their families.

They fundraised AUSD$220 for the patients and their families. We thank them!!

To read the full story click on the link here.


Age Run Melbourne, July 2015

Olivia & Teurai after the run!


On Sunday 26 July 2014, ECCT Founder Teurai Chanakira and another Melbourne based ECCT supporter – Olivia (whose own father passed away from cancer 10 years ago – ran and fundraised for the cancer patients we are supporting. Approximately AUSD$200 was raised between them, with funds going to support the patients with food, medical costs and school fees for some of their children.

A big thank you to all those who sponsored the two for their run.

To read the full story click the link here. 


ECCT Fitchicks Global Fitness Challenge, July 2015

Thank you for your donations. They help with, for example, getting food hampers for the patients. Pictured here is 1 of the families receiving their hamper.

During the ECCT FitChicks Global Challenge which happened on the social media outlets Facebook and Instagram – any woman worldwide could join this challenge by either doing one of the exercises someone else posted, or posting her own video challenging any of her friends or other ladies already in the challenge to do it. Anyone participating donated at least $1 to the ECCT.

It was great to see women worldwide get involved – from beginners to advanced exercise enthusiasts. AUSD$219 was raised through this challenge. Thank you to all those who participated.

To read the full story click on the link here.


Fitness To A Tee Flat Tummy Class, August 2015

Some of the class attendees. 35 people attended this year – a great turnout!

A Flat Tummy Class was held by ECCT Founder/Fitness Trainer Teurai Chanakira; along with Zimbabwe based Natural Bodybuilding Competitors and Fitness Trainers Victor Hungwe and Barbra Jambga –   at Body Active Gym, at Borrowdale Racecourse in Harare on Saturday 2015. The class was a fundraising class to support the cancer patients and their families.

The total profit raised from the class was approximately USD$175.

To read the full story click on the link here. 


ECCT Says No to Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, October 2015

shahani breast cancer

In October, the ECCT asked women worldwide to upload an image of a healthy recipe or record them, or someone else doing any exercise onto the ECCT Facebook page. The proviso was that there must be pink in the image or video, for example a pink table mat, one can wear a pink top etc. to represent Breast Cancer month.

We thank you to all the women who participated! AUSD$130 was raised for the benefit of the patients and their families.

To read the full story click on the link here.



Fitness To A Tee Africa based exercise programs

tapiwa progress

ECCT Founder Teurai who is also a Fitness Trainer headed fundraising for ECCT’s patients by providing online based exercise and nutrition programs for those in Zimbabwe and in other countries in Africa. All funds donated from the classes go to support the ECCT patients.

Approximately USD$383.50 was raised from fitness based exercise programs from Africa based clients.

ECCT Founder Teurai (in green dress above) was also able to visit each of the families during her visit to Harare (pictured above with the late Sipelile’s husband (blue shirt), his son (red trousers), ECCT volunteers for the visit (the other 2 ladies) and Field Officer Clement Manika (in beige). Thank you for all your support which helps make assisting our patients possible.

You can see full details of the visit, including images on the link here.

In total this year, we fundraised approximately AUSD$2500. For 2016, we are aiming to fundraise a total of approximately USD$4,300 which will assist us to send the 4 children we assist to school, pay for monthly food hampers, pay for some of the patients’ medical costs and also costs to run the charity.


ecct award

Well done to the Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust Team for winning Outstanding Charity Project at the Zimbabwe Models Awards 2015 held on 29 August 2015 at Rainbow Towers, Harare, Zimbabwe! Big thanks to those who allow the work to happen including Clement Manika, Maria Magembe, Marshall Mutsamwira, Board Members and all who help us through donations and raising awareness of the marginalised cancer patients and the families we support.

We thank you for your support of the ECCT in 2015! We wish you a happy and prosperous 2016. To view our work or download our latest Annual report, visit our website by clicking here now.



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