Sponsor a Cancer Patient: May 2016 Patient Visit


portia and family

We hope that you are having a wonderful 2016 so far! Here at ECCT we are surprised at how fast it is flying by. In this blog, we would love to update all of you on the progress of the cancer patients and their families, and to show you some images from one of our latest visits one week ago.

We are currently supporting four families living in Hatcliffe, Harare. Out of the four families – we support two children with school fees; two cancer patients through the provision of some medical costs, and provide food hampers to all of the families.

tapiwa may 2016

Tapiwa, 1 of the children who we support who is now in Form 4 at Success College. Here he is holding his report card. His mother Sipelile, who we also supported sadly passed away from cervical cancer, but we continue to help him go to school. 

tapiwa and marcia

The 2 children who we are supporting – Marcia (left) who is now in Grade 7 at Hatcliffe 1 Primary School and Tapiwa. During a visit last year, we found Marcia to be withdrawn due to the trauma of her mum’s cervical cancer – but this month, the team were happy to report that she has now made a new friend at school and her grades have improved significantly. Thank you to both of our volunteers – Francis Nyachowe and Portia, who also provide much needed psycho-social and spiritual support to our patients and their families.

marcia school uniform

Marcia holding up her school uniform as she needs more for her term. Thank you so much to the kind donor who wishes to remain anonymous who paid for Marcia’s school fees for this term. 

portia and tapiwa report

One of our lovely volunteers Portia going through Tapiwa’s report card. Tapiwa is excelling in subjects such as English (A Grade) & Principles of Accounts (B Grade). He is also a very keen soccer player. We are so proud of both of these children. It is far from easy to deal with the illness and/or death of a parent with cancer. 

tapiwa family and francis

Our Field Officer Francis (centre back) pictured with Tapiwa, a sibling and their father, the husband of the late Sipelile who passed away from cervical cancer (far right). 

tapiwa francis virimayi mum

Our Field Officer Francis with Tapiwa (left) and the mother of Virimayi, another patient who we supported who sadly passed away. We still make the effort to go and visit her to see how she is coping with life and provide some support to her. 

house of tapiwa

The house in which Tapiwa lives with his father and siblings in Hatcliffe.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all those who help us to support these families. To find out more about our work and/or to help us further support these families with any donation, please visit our website by clicking here now or join our Facebook community by clicking here now.



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