Sponsor A Cancer Patient Campaign: Meet Our New Patients!


1 of the latest patients that the ECCT is supporting – 16 year old Yvonne (middle) with ECCT Founder Teurai Chanakira (left) and ECCT Field Officer Francis Nyachowe (right) in August 2016, outside her home.

Happy November to you all! We hope that your year is going well and that as you head towards the end of it – you continue to feel grateful for being blessed with another year.

We are happy to announce that we are now helping to support two new cancer affected people. The first is 16 year old Yvonne, who lives in Hatcliffe Extension in Harare, Zimbabwe (pictured above and below).



She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012 (pictured above). She underwent treatment at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Unfortunately the doctors could not do much to help her and decided to discharge her so she could undergo Palliative care from her home.

However, her family did not give up on her and kept hope that she would recover. Yvonne recovered fully!

She is currently going to school at Jairos Jiri Centre, Harare; she is now able to walk on her own and talk very well – whereas previously she could not.


Yvonne (in black) with ECCT Founder Teurai (left) and ECCT Volunteer Portia (right), during a food hamper delivery to the patients.

The ECCT have decided to help her with any funds they can contribute towards her school fees and food. We are appealing for donations to assist Yvonne. To contact us so that you can receive the Sponsor Information booklet, please click here now.



67 year old Fiyosi, who suffers from prostate cancer is in chronic pain. Here he is pictured with his wife.

Fiyosi is 67 years old (pictured above with his wife) and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. He has been undergoing treatment at Parirenyatwa Hospital Radiotherapy Centre. The cancer has spread with secondaries.

He is currently unemployed and has no medical insurance.  Fiyosi is currently receiving Palliative chemo and Radiotherapy. He is also on pain medication as he is in acute pain and we are helping to alleviate his suffering by providing assistance with payment of pain medication. We have already made one payment to assist him with some medications (see image below).


Fiyosi receiving his pain medication treatment in hospital a few weeks ago, after the ECCT helped with the payment through donations.

His wife currently works as a part time maid. His son Kuda is the only and current bread winner in a family of four children.

We are in need of donations to help him with buying pain medication and monthly food hampers for the family.  To contact us so that you can receive the Sponsor Information booklet, please click here now.

*To make a donation of any amount using your debit or credit card, click here now. You can also contact us to obtain our charity account bank details.

*To find out more about the work that we do, visit our website by clicking here now.

* Feel free to join our Facebook community by clicking here now. 

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