ECCT November Cancer Patient Visits!


Hello everyone and happy December month to you!! In November, the ECCT Team was delighted to visit the patients and their families who we support, and we wanted to share some images with you.


ECCT Volunteers Portia (far left) and Prosper (far right) with the mother of 1 our patients who passed away a few years ago – Virimayi. We still support her with food hampers.


ECCT Volunteer with Mai Virimayi, delivering her food hamper to her house in Hatcliffe, Harare.


ECCT Volunteer Prosper with the aunt of a 16 year old patient (Yvonne) who recently started supporting. On this day, Yvonne was not home. 


ECCT Volunteer Prosper with Tapiwa, who we support with school fees. Tapiwa has just completed his O’Level exams. Sadly his mother Sipelile passed away with complications from her cervical cancer a few years ago. We still do what we can to support her remaining family.

Thank you so much for your support! To make donations to our patients and their families, particularly with the holiday season coming up – please visit our website by clicking here now.

Join our Facebook community by clicking here now, to stay up to date with all the latest news on our work.



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