ECCT Success: Sponsor a Cancer Patient Campaign August ’17!

with team at class

ECCT Team from left Volunteer Portia; middle Founder Teurai & right Field Officer Francis

Hello all! How the year is flying. We can’t believe that we have already entered October. Happy new month to you!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So many of us have been touched by Breast Cancer either through battling it ourselves or watching a family member; friend or colleague face it. What are you doing this month to alleviate the Breast cancer burden? It can be as simple as looking up how to do your own breast check if you are a woman.

In July and August 2017, ECCT had a successful time in Harare and then in Victoria Falls raising awareness of its work and then also fundraising for the families it supports. Teurai – ECCT Founder and Founder of Fitness To A Tee hosted a Health & Wellness Week at the Victoria Falls Hotel for staff, which included Nutrition workshops and exercise classes. USD$750 was raised throughout the week.

In addition, the ECCT added two new families to support in the Victoria Falls community who have been affected by cancer. The 2 new beneficiaries are 9 year old Ethel and 13 year old Kylee who the ECCT is supporting with school fees.

Please see our photos below for a snippet of how successful these months were. Thank you to all those who came along to support us!!

tapiwa speaking

Tapiwa speaking about his experience through ECCT’s support at a Ladies Breakfast function in Harare. ECCT has supported him with school fees since his mum Sipelile died of cervical cancer in 2013.

francis talking at brekkie

ECCT Field Officer Francis speaking at the Ladies Breakfast, Harare.

teu speaking at ladies brekkie

Teurai speaking about ECCT at the Ladies Breakfast.

teurai with tapiwa

Teurai and Tapiwa. They are united and close because both their mothers died of cancer.

with mai virimayi and posh aug 2017

ECCT Volunteer Portia (right) & Teurai visiting the mother of Virimayi. Her son Virimayi, who we supported, passed away a few years ago – but we still check in on her & help with what we can.

tapiwa with groceries

Tapiwa going through his food hamper.

tee with vic falls staff 2017

Teurai hosting Health + Wellness Week for staff at Victoria Falls Hotel.

tee at chadamombe school

Teurai with a class at Chamabondo Primary School, Victoria Falls. ECCT is now supporting a young student who attends the school with school fees.

teu radio interview

Teurai at a radio interview on Breeze 91.2FM Victoria Falls speaking about the ECCT.

francis radio interview

Francis also spoke during the radio interview.

with team at class

ECCT team before another exercise class at Victoria Falls Hotel.

meeting vic falls beneficiaries

Meeting the new beneficiaries in Victoria Falls. Ethel is the one with the flowery top and the mother of Kylee is the one with a black top and black cardigan.

For more photos and videos of ECCT work on the ground, visit our Facebook page  by clicking here now!visit our Facebook page  by clicking here now!

Visit our website by clicking here now!

Thank you for all your support – we appreciate you.


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